ILIMOTOR is a Dutch Automotive Company that designs, manufactures and sells electrical cars.

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ILIMOTOR is a Dutch Automotive Company that has been founded by ILIBUSINESS to design, manufacture and deliver high quality and affordable electrical cars for international market. ILIMOTOR has already developed its first electrical car and It’s ready for mass production. 

The first model of ILIMOTOR is a high quality electrical car suitable for busy cities to move around faster, easier and cheaper. The product will be launched into international market before 2025 and the company ILIMOTOR is preparing to start its activities as soon as possible.


The first model of ILIMOTOR is KT33- It’s an electrical car suitable for city. The product has been developed and certified by the third parties to be available for international market and now the ILIMOTOR is getting ready to launch its first EV by the end of 2024.

The primary model is ready for mass production and the new models are under designs, engineering and manufacturing to be released in the coming years.


The mission of ILIMOTOR is to design and manufacture AI electrical cars with an exclusive feature to benefit the user in an intelligent way.

The project is under development, and the ILIMOTOR AI EVs will be ready for international market by the 2030.


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