ILIBUSINESS is a Dutch holding company that creates, owns and controls its subsidiary companies and has no external services.


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ILIBUSINESS is a Dutch holding company that has been founded on 11-11-2020 and It has been headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company ILIBUSINESS is specialised in creating new brands which will solve a problem and It has no external services.


The first subsidiary of the ILIBUSINESS is ILIPUTER- It is a Dutch computer manufacturing company and the second subsidiary of the ILIBUSINESS is ILIMOTOR- It is a Dutch automotive manufacturing company.  


ILIPUTER is a brand new Dutch computer manufacturing company that designs, manufactures and sells computer products and It has been founded since 2022 by ILIBUSINESS. Now the company ILIPUTER has launched its first model of computers into the international market. 


ILIMOTOR is a brand new Dutch automotive company that is designing, manufacturing and selling high quality and affordable electrical cars. Now the company ILIMOTOR is getting ready to launch its first model of EVs into the international market. 

Who Is The Founder?

The sole founder of ILIBUSINESS is Masoud G.C.

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