ILIPUTER is a Dutch computer manufacturing company that designs, manufactures and sells computers.

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The company ILIPUTER is a subsidiary of ILIBUSINESS holding and It’s been founded to design, manufacture and sell high quality and affordable computer products such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and All-In-One PCs. 

ILIPUTER aims to manufacture its unique AI computers till the end of 2030, and at this moment, the company has designed and manufactured its first model of the laptops and It will be available for international market before beginning 2025.


The first model of ILIPUTER is KT33- It’s a powerful laptop designed for daily usage. It’s the first product of the company and the ILIPUTER team is working on developing cutting edge technologies to combine with their computers to enhance the user’s happiness and joy.


The mission of ILIPUTER is to manufacture brand new AI computers with an exclusive feature. In fact, the company ILIPUTER is busy with developing the AI computers that will be available for the international market till the end of 2030.


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